Sheriff Equips Patrol Cars with GPS Technology – WJLE Radio

Sheriff Equips Patrol Cars with GPS Technology – WJLE Radio

May 24, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department has completed a new era upgrade by way of putting Global Positioning System (GPS) devices in all patrol and penitentiary shipping cars.

The move is intended to improve safety, performance and response times.
When a call comes in to the 911 center, the GPS equipment will enable dispatchers to examine which deputy is closer for a response.

“The dispatcher now will be in a position to appearance on a pc reveal and see the closest unit that is found to a call. Before setting up the GPS equipment, dispatchers would rotate calls to the patrol deputies. If an alternate deputy become closer to the call, that deputy would have to tell dispatch by radio that he might be responding. By doing this, it would generally result in extreme radio transmissions , be confusing to the dispatcher, and take extra time dispatching calls when seconds mattered,” stated Sheriff Ray.
By being in a position to track the stream of deputies specifically during movements and inmate transports, the GPS gadget serves an alternate positive purpose.
“Sometimes a pursuit will go beyond the DeKalb County line into an alternate county where our deputies can also be unfamiliar with roads. With this GPS system, the dispatcher can advise them and other officers of the location,” Sheriff Ray continued.
“Correctional officers at the penal complex generally shipping inmates to and from other jails as neatly as to clinical facilities. The GPS era will allow significant dispatch to display screen these transports in case there is a problem,” he referred to.

GPS devices have also been installed on the Sheriff’s Department’s two clutter trucks used for roadside clutter select up by way of supervised inmates from the jail.

The era can even be used to track the mileage of the patrol cars, where they have been, and the repairs schedule.
“The device will allow me to computer screen where the patrol cars have traveled, their speed, how long the cars idled and to see in true time what the automobiles have been doing,” mentioned Sheriff Ray.
“Patrol Supervisors can also be alerted while a car needs to be serviced. Oil adjustments and other maintenance issues are the existence of a patrol vehicle.

We now not best have to appearance at the age and the mileage of the car, we need to also account for the patrol automobiles’ idle time at wrecks, crime scenes, and other calls. Another thing we appearance at is the transmission. Every evening we do safety exams on around 40 agencies and once a week we behavior security exams at approximately 55 churches. That is a lot of moving the vehicles’ transmission back and forth from park to drive,” he observed.

The GPS gadget was got from budget already accessible in the sheriff’s department’s budget.
“The equipment was got based on a state contract price. There is a per month price for archives use however fees will come out of my existing budget. I will no longer be asking for an augment in next year’s budget for the GPS system.

If the system saves any maintenance charge to a patrol vehicle it should pay for itself. If it saves an officer’s lifestyles, it will pay for itself for many years to come,” added Sheriff Ray.