OCTOCUBE Infinity Cube Fidget Toy w/Gift Box

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Luxury Infinite Cool Gadget for Kids, Adults – Prime Sensory Stress Relief, Pressure Reduction Unique Distraction for Autism, Quit Smoking – Green


① ✓ clever gadget for stress relief and anxiety reduction
② ✓ discreet usage at the library, in school, when traveling or at the office
③ ✓ beneficial for finger rehabilitation, enhances finger control
④ ✓ helps to focus when extra attention is needed
⑤ ✓ simple, fun and easy to use with one or two hands
⑤ ✓ smooth edges – luxury solid feel
⑥ ✓ OCTOCUBE™ never gets stuck in position while in use.


① ✓ infinite fidget action
② ✓ unique colors: black, white gold and green
③ ✓ distraction when quitting smoking and other bad habits
④ ✓ superior durable quality
⑤ ✓ small portable and light- weight
⑥ ✓ helps kill time
⑦ ✓ perfect EDC gift idea


▶ Brand: OCTOCUBE™
▶ Square Cube Size: 3.47 x 3.47 x 3.47 cm
▶ Rectangular Form: 7 x 3.7 x 1.7 cm
▶ Box Size: 11 x 6 x 2.5 cm
▶ Item Weight incl Box: 91 gram

▶ Materials: recyclable environmental ABS and stainless steel durable hinges

Package Includes:
▶ 1 Gift Box

How many OCTOCUBE loops can you can do in one minute? Our Office-Hero managed 36 in a row. Can you beat him!?

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  • ✅ The OCTOCUBE is the smoothest infinity fidget cube on the market ▶ Improve focus and enjoy flipping and folding this addictive cool mini gadget everywhere ▶ At work, on car travels, commuting, during phone calls, library studying or killing time ▶ Helps you focus in silent play ▶ Perfect gift idea for boys, girls, men or women ▶ Superior to fidget spinners ▶ Prime handheld pocket-size portable speed cube with unique flexible ergonomic design
  • ✅ IMPROVE FOCUS AND FINGER SKILLS ▶ Loop, flip and fold OCTOCUBE into multiple shapes like a Boss. Relax with the endless busy twisting and rotating motion. Enjoy the touch of extra smooth surface and the rounded corners ▶ Practice finger dexterity coordination and finger motion skills while brainstorming ▶ Great anti-anxiety and stress reliever tactile toy for all ages that works ▶ Great distraction for attention disorders, when trying quit smoking, leg shaking, cracking knuckles nail biting
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY ★ SAFETY CERTIFICATES ▶ Designed with eight (8) perfectly weighted solid (not hollow) plastic blocks linked together by durable steel bearings ▶ Strong high-quality metal hinges connect these and won’t get stuck in play or break as poorly made cubes can, causing danger for kids and pets ▶ Using only recyclable non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, OCTOCUBE exceed ASTM F963-16 Standard Consumer Top Safety Specification for Toys, including CE-certificate with no remarks
  • ✅ ORIGINAL ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ▶ The original OCTOCUBE are laser engraved with our logo and backed by a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your product you will receive a full refund
  • ✅ Only children 5 years+ ▶ No pets ▶ Fake replicas is to be avoided completely for safety reasons✅ WARNING ★ SAFETY FIRST ▶ Not for children between 3-5 years without parental supervision as these units are compiled of several small linked block objects ▶ Keep away from pets and animals at all times ▶ All fake replicas of the original OCTOCUBE is a potential danger and need to be reported for further investigation ▶ We wish you a fantastic time as you get to know OCTOCUBE as your awesome new fid