Men’s Monk-Strap Buckle Loafer Slip On Dress Shoes




Origin of Monk Shoes
As early as the 11th century, Roman monks wore similar shoes. Because of the durability and better foot protection compared with the prevailing sandals at the time, Monk shoes are suitable for their daily work.

Product Features
The biggest feature lies in the absence of shoelaces. The upper is decorated with a wide strap band and metal buckle, and attached to the shoe tongue. Before lace-ups appeared, monk shoes soon became popular and were regarded as one of the emblems of British gentlemen.

All-Match Fashion
One of the most basic principles for wearing monk shoes is that the length of trousers had better not cover the buckle on the upper. Otherwise, the baggy trouser leg will completely suppress the original smart-dressed feeling. The combination of metal with leather gives people a hint of strength and charm without being too wild in the meanwhile.
In addition to long trousers, it is undoubtedly wise to choose a breathable khaki pants as a summer pairing, along with a simple shirt or T-shirt, cool and comfortable. Moreover, the generous sense of monk shoes will avoid the whole look too stuffless. While matched with jeans can highlight a taste of boldness and fashion.


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